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Help - GBCI, Baptist Church in Scarborough

By on August 1, 2015

GBCI Toronto strives to make your experience smooth, friendly and simple, making it possible for all people to navigate and use our website. For those who are not tech-savvy, or are still unsure about the church as a whole, this page is made to provide clarity and understanding to your questions.

Website/Technology Related Help

Q: I am a member of GBCI and am interested in signing up for site registration, but I do not know how to.

A: Here is video explanation of how to do so. It is critical that you have a desktop device to register. The reason is when the site loads onto another device (ex. mobile or tablet), it adapts to its environment and changes the formatting according to your platform. Unfortunately, not all of the menus pop up, including the menu that contains the “Register” tab. However, if you have an option to view as a desktop site, it would work the same way as well.

If you would like the link to register, it is:

Q: I have already registered for GBCI Toronto, and I have made a mistake in my information while registering. How can I fix this?

A: First of all, the solution that will be shown is not exclusive to mistakes in information, but also for editing your account in general. Now that you are an online member of GBCI, you have a personal account that gives you the license to be creative and personalized. This means you can have a profile picture, cover photo, a short biography, and even social media links to external sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Most importantly, you are in control!

Here is a short video tutorial on how to edit your account details (if you do not have access to it, look below for textual instructions:

In order for you to edit your account details, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on the Account tab at the top of the page (Members access only)
  3. Go to your profile picture (it should be blank)
  4. Find a tool icon, and click Edit Profile.

From there you will have access to your information and account! Hope this helps.